Welcome to our site! We share information about jewelry, diamonds and gemstones, precious metals, and coins. We offer resources for beautiful pieces that you can acquire for yourself or present as gifts.

Everyone has a prized possession or memento with a story behind it, many times that piece is jewelry. When purchasing fine jewelry, many customers have questions about where the gemstones or diamonds come from, what makes them valuable or if they can trust the information that is being shared. Our hope is that you will find the answers you are looking for here at jewelry-play.com

My Story

My name is Francesca and from a very young age I have had a great love and fascination for jewelry, gemstones, gold, and silver. I can remember my father collecting silver dollars when I was a little girl. I can still hear the clinking of the beautiful coins, and the smoothness and heft of each one as I counted them. In those days they were pure silver! My grandmother wore the most beautiful jewelry. I vividly remember one particular ring featuring a very large square yellow gemstone that radiated light like the sun; I was mesmerized by that ring! Much later I learned that it was a fancy yellow diamond.

My father taught us that quality is everything, because in the end you get what you pay for. If you pay more for quality items from reputable brands you will never regret it. This is evidenced by the fact that I still have items that have been in my family for close to 200 years that remain beautiful and functional.

Fast-forward to my adult years when my career choices were always luxury brands. After traveling the world with my then-husband who worked as a medical officer overseas, we repatriated. Later, I fell into the jewelry business quite by accident. It seemed like a natural fit since I had always had a love of gemstones, precious metals, coins and timepieces. Quickly I realized I needed to learn as much as possible in order to confidently respond to my clients’ questions about all the beautiful pieces I was selling. I studied hard and became a Graduate Gemologist and later a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. After years of submitting my resumé to Tiffany and Company, I finally landed a position selling their exquisite jewelry! Then, after only two years I was recruited by the training department in the New York City corporate offices to teach sales professionals about our products, how to deliver the “Tiffany Experience” and how to develop long-term client relationships. I trained employees hired for more than 50 new stores around the world, over a span of 18 years, as well as thousands of employees in existing stores on all jewelry, gemstones, selling skills and customer service-related topics.

My other passions: Luxury handbag and clothing brands, fine dining, art, as well as wine and coin collecting. I became a certified sommelier in 2017.

My Goal

My wish is that visitors to our site will be inspired by the beautiful gemstone and precious metals and seek out pieces that will be cherished and passed along for generations. Gifts of jewelry represent messages, e.g., I love you; I am proud of you; Will you marry me, or just because, and so many more. I want to help connect people with a message to the gift that will perfectly convey that message and will bring joy to their new owners.

We will share information on the brands we offer and lead discussions on what’s new in the jewelry and precious metals arena. We also want to hear from you, so in addition, we will provide a forum to discuss any and all jewelry-related topics and respond to your questions.

If you have questions about our website, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to respond.

Thank you for visiting jewelry-play.com


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